The Chicken or the Egg? - Genetics and Family History of Illness

I never really knew how important all of that was until I got sick.  I mean, if you are sick, you are sick right?  Why would you really need to know where it came from or even more so, how dire your future may be. 

Hmph… really! why? Just live your life and hope for the best.

But when you get sick, there is a burning desire inside of you to find out where all of this started, well at least for me.  What’s funny is when I first started the journey of trying to find all this out, everyone basically (and some still do) throw up great defenses as if to say “well you didn’t get it from our side of the family.”  In that way it was presented though it felt as if I was out to blame someone which of course I wasn't.

Even today, I believe I found the link to all the autoimmune issues however my maternal grandmother (whose side my theory belongs to) believes that the family members that are sick - my two cousins (one has Lupus, the other has antiphospholipid syndrome) - got it from their other side of the family that we have no relation to.  She bases this on that their Aunt has Lupus as well so yes it just makes it that much more confusing.

Even this grandmother of mine has developed a kidney disease and I asked her what type of disease it was and she told me that she doesn’t want to know.  Don't get me wrong, she is taking daily medication for it and seeing a nephrologist regularly but she actually does not want to know the name of the condition and/or disease she has.  She always taken good care of herself and never drank or smoked and not diabetic so I have to wonder what is going on.  But it’s part of my family illness and I believe that I should know.

Maybe one day I will solve this mystery (or not, since no one wants to discuss it)... or yet, I may in fact be the very first generation of autoimmune in my family but I don’t feel that in my heart.

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