My Experience of My First Lupus Walk

My alarm went off on the Sunday morning and I felt an excitement that I was going to accomplishment something today, not just for myself but for something so much more.  Little did I know how much and what that impact would mean to me.

My husband and I got to the meet up place where all the walkers and runners were and I was amazed of all the people that were there.  The place was so well organized and was so well decorated and festive.  Lots of vendors and businesses that had donated their time and resources. 

As I looked around, I saw people wearing t-shirts custom made for their teams mostly in dedication to the individuals they were walking for.  I felt the devotion and the love to these people and my heart was so touched.  The people were happy to be there to sacrifice this day for their loved ones who were sick.  I saw stickers on backs of the walkers that said "I'm walking for..." with names and named relatives and friends and as simple things as 'me', 'my beautiful mom', 'my best friend', 'my aunt', even 'my neighbor'.  I quickly stood in line and grabbed a couple of stickers and wrote one for myself and one for my husband ('for my wife').  We put on our stickers and started our walk.

As we started on our 5K journey (a tad over 3 miles), I looked to the left of me and noticed a woman with a cane.  I looked a little further down and noticed another with a cane and also had a scarf around her hair as it was apparant that she was probably going through chemo with hair loss.  I was instantly motivated in that these women were pushing to walk and fight for this cause no matter the pain.  I was so touched in a way that I cannot describe and I was determined that this was a fight that we have to keeping fighting.  As we kept walking, we saw a few walkers together with stickers on their backs with "In Memory Of".  I immediately stole a glimsp of my husband because I just knew.  I knew that reality just hit him of what this disease can really do to a person.  I didn't say a word.  I did see a tear.  He did tell me of the impact of that much later.

Our walk was nice, sometimes it was fun watching the others laugh and play and watch the kids run around.  Other times, it felt like it was just my husband and I as we strolled together and enjoyed the scenery.  This walk has done so much for us. 

I didn't actually feel the impact of 3 miles until after the 2ish mile mark and I could feel my ankles start to burn and sting.  It wasn't too bad though and I knew that I could push through it, I told myself  "Today I will push through it!" And I did and I didn't end up too bad. 

After the walk, everyone was all smiles... you could see the accomplishment on their faces, not for the 3 miles that they just did but for the cause that they just made an impact on!  This was my first walk, it will not be my last.

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  1. Well done and THANK YOU! You ROCK!