First Posting

Well I would be lying if I said this was my first attempt at a blog.  Yes, I tried this before and I abandoned the idea.  Not quite sure why, I guess I just didn't think my life was interesting enough but now I realize that I need to start writing for me and to heck what others care.  I really DO care but I won't let it stop me.  Truth is this is not a blog to advertise or sell or do any of that stuff... this will be a boring 'ol blog about the daily stuff of my life and the random crazy things that happen in it.  Yes, not much happens to me on a day to day but as the title says my memory is pretty much shot to blah as I live in a brain fog much of the time and I forget what happens.  I do like to remember the crazy odd randomness things so I figured I'd chime in here when those things happen.  I'm not an ecentric or overly funny person but I do have my moments.

As you see in the 'About Me' section, I'm just a regular wife and mom that deals with a few sucky diseases.  I try and get past them on a day to day and make the most of my life.  I try not to dwell too much on the negative but sometimes I will steer in that direction.  If that happens, please slap the s*&$ out of me because I hate when I get into the self pity mode... but be kind because we all deserve it once in a while.  I might write about my illness here and there also, hope it doesn't offend.


  1. Writing is, for me, incredibly therapeutic and centering - my number one reason to blog! And if I have opportunity to forge just any connection to those with similar challenges - BONUS!

    Welcome to the blogosphere BD! You use this blog to vent and laugh and find yourself - and I'm honored to follow along for the ride!

    Best to you and yours, and you be just as well as your naughty AI system will let you!


  2. Thanks for the support Headstrong! I think I really needed this outlet in so many ways. Enjoy reading yours and others as well, helps to feel not so alone.

    And look!... you are my first follower! awesome! :)

  3. I, for one, am glad you started blogging. Actually, I'm the 2nd to comment so...let me be the 2nd to agree in that blogging is therapeutic. I like reading about other's experience with Lupus.

    Pity party....uh, what's that? I NEVER get those! Liar Liar, pants on fire! ~Rose

  4. Thanks Rose... you are so right! I love blogging, I helps to get my real feelings out but I am having more pity partys than not lately... oh well hehe