I Surrender... For My Bathrooms, I Surrender

Something happened the other day.  Yes, something strange.  My husband had an announcement… he had asked another woman into my house…. to come and clean next weekend.  This is something that I had been secretly waiting on for so long, and finally the time had come.  Please someone pinch me. Can this be true?

And then…

My usual self took over and I was overcome by a wave of sadness.  Has it come to this?  Have I become so useless that I can’t even take care of my household like a normal wife and mother?  What will people think?  What will my parents and in-laws think?  What does MY husband think? 

Evidently he just hired her to do the parts that are difficult for me such as deep cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen since it’s a lot of bending and reaching but it still kind of feels like a blow.  Funny thing is that I always dreamed of someone coming to clean my house but now it just feels so wrong.  Maybe because when I wanted it, it was for more of a luxury than a necessity.

I had to laugh at my husband when I asked him why he doesn't clean it, he just looked at me and said “ewww” LOL!


  1. I'm so sorry it hurts to do such chores, and that you are feeling a little blue about the change. But yay for a husband who not only understands, but acts. And yay for a deep-cleaned bathroom! Best to you.

  2. First off...love the 'eww' comment by your hubby. Classic! I say hooray over the whole thing! I'd love for my dh to suddenly get that inspiration. I continually 'apologize' to him that the house isn't as clean as I used to keep it...yadda yadda yadda (I was real clean freak). Hoping someday he'll be inspired. I think your hubby did a wonderful thing and please don't feel sad or that it's a pivotal point in your walk in this illness. Just think of all the people who have someone in to clean their house and they're not even sick! :) Good luck on your squeaky clean house.

  3. thank you... she will be here this evening... why am I nervous? lol