Kicking Myself Into Gear

One of the most horrible issues that plague someone with a chronic diasabling (at times) illness is the weight issues.  Yes, some will say its a vanity issue and I'm not going to lie.  Vanity is such a dirty word though and I prefer to use self esteem because at least for me, that is more where it hits. 

When you get hit with a flare and you have no appetite for days on end or you can't keep anything inside your body, you quickly begin to lose weight and can become very thin.  Ironically, people begin to come up to you and compliment you on how 'healthy' you look.  I had this 'healthy' look for a couple of years now but as I have become inactive due to the weakness and the stress from work, I have just succommed to shoving easy food (which in lay terms means unhealthy food) in my mouth.  Not to mention the evil Prednisone that hasn't helped the situation.  I have easily gained 10 lbs in about 6 months which for a 5'2" frame is pretty noticable and I can feel it in my clothes.

I know that I must kick myself into gear and work this weight off.  I'm no means overweight but I feel that if things keep going in this direction, it could get out of hand quick.  I know that for me versus a healthy person, that means that I have to take it slow but slow is better than no go.  (Of course, my husband has other ideas on how to work the weight off *eyeroll* :P)

I even signed up to do the local Lupus walk here in town in a few weeks, now I have no excuses... must.prepare.now.

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